MAESTRO Android Protect

The Detection and Prevention of Android malware Apps in realtime.

MAESTRO Android Protect


MAESTRO Android Protect is a detection and prevention product for Android malware Apps.
It can rapidly detect and analyze android malware Apps in detail.
It can use multi-scanning, dynamic analysis, static analysis, IP / Domain / URL / Email reputations,
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. by integrating MAESTRO CTIP.

Real-time Response to
mobile malwares is required

Recently, after encrpting mobile devices and requiring money,
Ransomwares are spreading on a large scale.

Once Ransomware malwares are installed and infected,
you have suffered huge damage to malicious code.

For this reason, before mobile Apps are installed, it is necessary to respond to prevent malicious applications from being installed in real-time.


MAESTRO Android Protect can detect and prevent Android malware Apps
in real-time by integrating MAESTRO CTIP.
It can also rapidly analyze android malware Apps in detail.
If it is a clean, it can be admitted to be installed, if it is a malicious, it is blocked automatically.

The Integration of MAESTRO CTIP

The Detection / Prevention / Analysis of Mobile Applications

Work Process

MAESTRO Android Protect can detect, prevent and analyze Android malware Apps in real-time by installing MAESTRO android agent on devices.

The Process of Security Verification